Temescal Canyon

Getting Aligned means spending time elevating your AWARENESS (understanding what your hidden “triggers” are and how they might be holding you back). Once you have honed your Awareness, you can ASK the crucial questions to reveal what uniquely matters to you in your business and your life. The last step is creating an ACTION plan that’s unique to You. (By the way, ALL of the positive life-changing decisions and plans I’ve ever made were in this type of setting.)

We’ll spend Friday - March 11, Monday - March 14, Tuesday - March 15, on Zoom for 45 minutes to one hour, where I'll support you in elevating your AWARENESS. I’m excited to share the tips & tools that have ignited my awareness to higher levels.

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On Thursday, we’ll gather together in person in the peaceful, tranquil Temescal Canyon surrounded by 141 oak & sycamore trees to ASK the crucial questions and create your unique plan of ACTION. You will walk away with your own personal, physical plan of action broken down into bite size pieces.

Temescal Canyon

We only have 20 spots left so I'd head on over and grab your spot now.

Should you have any questions about anything related to the ALIGN Retreat, my team is here for you. Send your questions to Kathy, our Director of Client Relations, at Kathy@SmartWomenSolutions.com or call/text 310.266.0416 and she will happily assist you.