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Temescal Canyon
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March 17, 2022

Calling all women trailblazers committed to creating a positive impact in the world through their ideas, their genius, their leadership.

2022 is becoming The Great RESET for women. We are waking to the reality that waiting is no longer an option.

No more waiting in business. No more waiting on “when this happens, I’ll…” the time is NOW to ALIGN with what calls to you.

If there’s something that the last (almost two years) have taught us, it’s to fear less and live more.

Having said that, I hear from many women, they are struggling to embrace how to make the reset work for them.

Where do I start?
What should I do next?
How do I know which option to choose?

There are “hidden triggers” that you’re probably carrying around (I know only too well about this.) and it’s time to shed those triggers, once & for all.

My Team and I are taking a big departure from the 'hotel environment’ for our One Day ALIGN Retreat. I have a deep belief that true, long-lasting alignment happens when we clear all the clutter in our environment and ask ourselves the deeper questions. All of my best decisions to forge a path to my own next level of greatness have come from being in nature…trees, fresh air, green grass and the sheer beauty that the earth displays for us daily.

**We’ll spend our One Day ALIGN Retreat together, surrounded by gorgeous canyon views that provide limitless, new ways of thinking.**

There are three phases to real, lasting ALIGNMENT:

AWARENESS          ASK          ACTION

Align Retreat 2022 logo

Thursday, March 17, 2022
Pacific Palisades, CA
9:30am - 6pm

Zoom Mini Prep Sessions - March 11, 14, 15

When you are fully ALIGNED in your life and your business, you can Find Joy Every Day.

Here’s how we'll spend our time together…

Phase 1: Awareness (Minds Move Mountains) 

March 11, 14, 15, 2022 (Zoom)

Awareness begins on the inside.  Awareness begins with your mind, with your thoughts.  When your mind is aligned & aware, you can accomplish anything.  Aligned minds move mountains.

We’ll gather together on Zoom for 45 minutes each day to prepare your mind to align.  I’ll personally walk you through some “awareness” exercises & tools  to support the opening of your creative thinking and deep desires for your business & your life.  HINT:  You want to have a keen awareness before you ask the curious questions...the questions that reveal what matters most now. 

During these Zoom sessions, I’ll take you through “hidden triggers” that may be sabotaging your efforts and give you tools to release these triggers.

Phase 2 & 3: ASK & ACTION

March 17, 2022 (LIVE in person, Pacific Palisades, CA) 

Your journey to re-aligning your business & life begins the moment you exit your car the day of our retreat.  You’ll take a brief stroll through nature breathing in the crisp morning air. You’ll be surrounded & embraced by 141 acres of oak and sycamore trees calling out for you to let go of everything and immerse yourself into a day of glorious revelation. My team will greet you with coffee and mountain views will feel like a warm blanket of quiet excitement and hope for the future.

This peaceful, tranquil, natural setting is guaranteed to inspire your deeper calling for your business & your future. (I spend time in this environment regularly to renew & recharge my thoughts.)

In the morning, you’ll spend time asking & answering the curious questions about what you are no longer willing to wait for in your business & your life.

We’ll break for lunch in a gorgeous canyon setting where you can connect with other like-minded women who are on a similar path.

In the afternoon, you’ll create a detailed plan of ACTION, your very own personal, visual map to become aligned, anchored & grounded in what matters most for you in 2022.  I’ll take you step-by-step through how to organize everything you want into manageable, bite-size quarterly goals that you can actually visualize.


We’ll end the day with a sunset bonfire while sipping a glass of wine to celebrate your new re-aligned future.   It is only when we are aligned that we can Find Joy Every Day. 

By the way, both morning coffee & lunch are included for the one day live retreat.  You’ll also receive an ALIGN workbook at the LIVE one day retreat.  You're welcome. 

Want to hear from women who have experienced ALIGN first-hand?

Here’s my promise to you:

  • Laser-focused content that respects your real-world schedule – I understand you only have so much time and energy to be away from the daily hustle. We’ll dive into a “no-fluff” agenda that zeroes in on critical, actionable areas of your business & life.

  • A Chance to “Share & Connect” with other women entrepreneurs who are ready to align their business and impact on the world.

  • A strong network of high caliber women, like you - There’s true power in bringing bright minds together to share ideas, and talk out the unique challenges of leading a business. You’ll discover how much you have in common with other successful women leaders in various businesses. And you’ll LOVE hearing groundbreaking solutions across a spectrum of industries that you can apply to YOUR business in a fresh, smart way. This collective networking alone is one of the most exciting, high-value dimensions of ALIGN.

  • Align 2022 Accelerator Workbook - As an ALIGN attendee, you’ll receive a workbook that is chock-full of powerful exercises and how-to content that complements the topics we’ll cover together LIVE. This is not your bare-bones notebook you receive at many business events. In fact, my ALIGN attendees LOVE the Accelerator Workbook so much, they have shared with me they use it ALL year--because it not only reinforces all that you’ll learn at the retreat, but also has practical exercises to guide you year round.

Because of this shared commitment to reach new milestones in business, it’s common for women at my retreats to build long-lasting, deep connections that continue to grow well beyond the retreat. (My retreats are known for creating NEW, profitable business collaborations.)

Here’s the promise I need you to make to me:

When we feel anxious or scared, we are unable to fully open our minds to the creative genius that we all have within us. I want every attendee to feel completely safe to absorb every ounce of the magic of the day. 48 hours prior to our One Day in-person retreat on March 17, 2022, I’ll need you to secure a negative Covid test and bring this with you on Retreat Day (a home test is acceptable). My team will need this negative test in order for you to enter the event. Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe and healthy for what will be a glorious day.

“First and foremost, I have to say that your ability to put the most incredible group of women together in a room is unmatched. The caliber, the giving and the receiving combination that each have for one another is a pure reflection of what they get from you.”

Bibi GoldsteinBuying Time LLC

I found this event exceptional. Joy’s process of aligning us is full of amazing nuggets of information and guidance. Hearing from others’ experiences too is both humbling and inspirational. Thank you, Joy!"

I keep coming back because of the valuable content and inspiration Joy provides!"

The Align Retreat helped lay the groundwork and business plan for the year. The good content about caring for ourselves and working on business not in business will be critical for me as I march forward in growing my business."

This year's Align Retreat provided thought-provoking content, some eye-openers, listening to the stories of my fellow attendees; mind-blowing and humbling and the gorgeous venue was icing on the cake. I've made some fabulous new connections and exciting things to come from these. Catching up with dear friends to hear their news - amazing. I am so grateful to have been able to attend and loved every minute of it!"

Susan Hunter

I LOVED your retreat and believe it was one of the BEST I have ever attended. My note book is jammed packed with new ideas to implement now and changes I need to make personally. Over the past years my struggle has been in what area to focus in and messaging ...until Align. Your delivery method is spot on as a no BS coach and I love that aspect."

Karen Barno

Each year, I go home with an action plan that I can implement immediately in my business. Connecting with smart businesswomen from around the globe is an added bonus of the event – I went back to the office knowing I have ongoing support from this community!"

This retreat helped me redefine and upscale my business for the next 12 months."


Temescal Canyon
Pacific Palisades, California

Temescal Canyon is one of the most sought after environments for people who love the outdoors. Surrounded by 141 acres of oak and sycamore trees with the Santa Monica Mountains as the backdrop, you instantly feel that you’ve left the hustle & bustle of Los Angeles and entered the land of magical thinking.

About Joy Chudacoff

An entrepreneur for over three decades, Joy is said to have “x-ray vision” when it comes to helping successful businesswomen get from where they are, to where they want to be.

Before starting her own business consulting practice, Smart Women Smart Solutions®, Joy owned a highly profitable company in the medical sales and marketing industry, selling that business at a handsome profit.

For 17 years, Joy has been serving women as a professional certified coach/consultant, skilled group leader, highly sought-after motivational speaker and thought leader. Her expertise as a coach, consultant, and strategist is highlighted by the success stories and results she generates for her clients.

Joy is the Founder of The ALIGN membership community for women entrepreneurs. Weekly gatherings are just one of the many benefits for women who are leading with impact. You can learn more at

Joy is the host of the award-wining podcast for women in business, She's Got Moxie. Joy interviews bold, smart, women entrepreneurs who are flexing their moxie muscle when it comes to success in business. 'She's Got Moxie' is ranked by iTunes as 'The Top 100 Podcasts in Business & Careers' category and 'The Top 200 in Education & Training.' Joy’s podcast received the distinct honor of being a Finalist for a Gracie Award®. The prestigious Gracie Awards acknowledges outstanding team leadership and individual achievement for all women in media. The Gracies are focused on women who are making positive changes in all facets of media and entertainment specifically for the advancement of women.

Leading by shining example, Joy integrates family and passionate work while teaching successful women how to do the same. Joy lives in Los Angeles with her husband Greg and their Mini-Labradoodle, Honey. They recently became “empty-nesters” sending their two children off to college.

To learn more about Joy, inquire about a speaking engagement, business coaching or media interviews, visit her coaching and speaking website at To subscribe to her popular podcast, She's Got Moxie, look for it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and many other podcast platforms.

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